ArenaClear™-well worth the investment! ArenaClear™ was recommended to me by my veterinarian who saw my husband watering our large, dusty arena. We have a large horse boarding facility with about 50 horses, and our indoor arena is used daily. Keeping the dust down was a weekly time consuming chore. I really thought I was at a point I needed to just replace all the footing in the arena because the footing just wasn’t holding the moisture.

I decided to give ArenaClear™ a try and what a difference it made! It changed the texture of the footing so it now holds the moisture. It has cut my watering time in half. I don’t have to water as often, and when I do, it doesn’t take as long to get the job done.

It is important to take the time to follow the directions and take the time to do the initial application as directed so it gets into the soil. I was concerned it may be complicated, but with the Ortho Sprayer, it was no more difficult than watering my lawn.

I am so impressed, I plan to purchase ArenaClear™ for a second application this year, as it is recommended two applications the first year then after that one application a year. ArenaClear™ has solved our dusty arena problem and given me much needed time to devote to other projects! Thank you!