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Some of our most frequently asked questions

What is in ARENACLEAR™ arena dust control?

ARENACLEAR™ is a proprietary Hydrophilic complete dust control & soil conditioner agricultural mineral approved in CA since 1971, that has a strong affinity & attraction for water. It bonds large dust particles & small dust fines, making them heavier & gravity-defying. It absorbs moisture from RH-relative humidity nearby & holds 300% more water deeply within your footing that cushions & rebounds; your horse will love & feel confident to give their best performances.

Who needs ARENACLEAR™ Dust Control?

May we begin with your horses, who typically live within a short distance of their dusty arenas, breathing unhealthy Free Crystalline silica DUST 24/7. ARENACLEAR™ helps protect humans & animals respiratory health from the grave, harmful effects of fugitive dust, bacteria, & zoonotic viruses. This list would include students, trainers, barn workers, riders, their siblings, parents, and even your neighbors adjacent to a dusty arena.

How does ARENACLEAR™ work?

ARENACLEAR™ is a complete dust control.  

First: ARENACLEAR™ is a hydrophilic natural soil conditioner; when applied to arena or paddock surfaces (per the instructions), it will permeate the soil/footings & increase absorption of water. It also allows the soil to retain up to 300% more moisture.

Second: ARENACLEAR™ holds water deeper & longer, reducing the amount of water needed to keep a healthier riding surface & environment.

Third: It combines & bonds dust particles & fines to create larger particles that defy gravity. The heavier the particles laden with water, the stronger the gravitational pull holds them down.

Forth: The water-laden particles in the footing create cushion & rebound that your horses will love.

What equipment do I need to apply ARENACLEAR™?

For a 10,000 sq. ft arena, a quart-sized hose-end sprayer & hose. Larger areas use a gator with a tank or a water truck with a tank. Please call 877-562-8147 for the formula.

How does ARENACLEAR™ help with the freezing issue of the arena surface?

It helps with the expansion capacity of the soil. ARENACLEAR™ allows for swelling and spreads out the effects of the swelling over a larger area, thereby limiting the damage caused by the swelling/freezing.

A client has never told us their arenas froze in Alaska, Minnesota, or Colorado.  

Can we use the arena after applying ARENACLEAR™?

You can use your arena but don’t drag it until the entire WATER days & DRY days’ process is finished.

Once I have applied ARENACLEAR™, how often will I need to water my arena?

ARENACLEAR™ does not eliminate the need for watering; it bonds the dust particles & makes them larger & hold more water. It holds water deeply & takes longer for the water to evaporate. Because of this, your watering is reduced by up to 50%. However, you will still need to water as needed, but not nearly as often or as much before applying ARENACLEAR™.

How many times do I have to apply ARENACLEAR™?

We recommend one application for an Indoor arena, the first year, and then an annual application as needed. Outdoors will depend on Nature, location, and temperatures, but one application should last about a year.

What is the best temperature or time to apply ARENACLEAR™?

It is best to apply ARENACLEAR™ when the ground temperature is at least 50 degrees. Why? Because the micro-organisms in A/C slow down when the ground temp is below 50 degrees. ARENACLEAR™ will continue to work, but the full results will be slow.