Who needs ARENACLEAR™ Dust Control?

The perfect answer is everyone who wants to protect their respiratory health from the serious, harmful effects of fugitive dust.  This list would include students, trainers, barn workers, riders, spectators or guests who are in the proximity to the arena and most importantly your horses (they breath 2200+ liters of air every minute they are training).

How does ARENACLEAR™ work?
ARENACLEAR™ is a natural liquid soil conditioner, that when applied to arena or paddock surfaces (per the instructions) will permeate the soil and allow for increased absorption of water. It also allows the soil to retain up to 300% more moisture, thereby reducing the amount of watering needed to keep a dust free riding surface.

After applying ARENACLEAR™ to your arena or paddock area, you should see a significant difference in the soil condition. In most instances, the area treated with ARENACLEAR™ will retain more moisture than before the treatment (when application instructions are followed).

How much does ARENACLEAR™ cost?
For a 10,000 sq. ft. (80’x125’) arena (outdoors) the cost will be approximately 6 cents per sq. ft. for the first year and approximately 3 cents for subsequent applications. For indoor arenas, the typical the cost will be 3 cents per sq. ft., per year.
What is in ARENACLEAR™?
ARENACLEAR™ is a proprietary formula of ingredients that work on soil to bring either acidic or alkaline soils back to a neutral pH. When these ingredients are diluted with water they react with the soils to allow them to hold more moisture and still allow for percolation. For more information, view the MSDS sheet: ArenaClear MSDS 2019
Do I need expensive equipment to apply ARENACLEAR™?
No, you can apply it with an Ortho lawn & fertilizer sprayer that you hook up to a hose. It will take one quart per 2500 sq. ft. Put the setting on ½-1 oz. Per gallon of water.
Does ARENCLEAR™ have an odor?
No. It is not petroleum based and there are no side effects.
Will ARENACLEAR™ help with the urine smell in my indoor arena?
Yes, ARENACLEAR™ should work on the urine smell and break it down so the odor is reduced or eliminated totally.
How does ARENACLEAR™ help with the freezing issue of the arena surface?
It helps with the expansion capacity of the soil. ARENACLEAR™ has been used by contractors when they pour concrete slabs. It allows for swelling and spreads out the effects of the swelling over a larger area, thereby, limiting the damage caused by the swelling/freezing.
What will happen if ARENACLEAR™ is applied and some of the product happens to get on grass or pasture areas?
Well, if you water the grass or pasture land after ARENACLEAR™ gets on it, it will only help the grass/pasture grow better. It is an agricultural mineral.
Can ARENACLEAR™ be used on walkways and areas where there is heavy traffic?
Yes, but you might need to apply an additional layer, more diluted.
Do I need to follow the initial application procedure when applying my second gallon of ARENACLEAR™?
For the second application, apply the ARENACLEAR™ and then one light watering with plain water, approximately 5-10 minutes.
What is the coverage of a gallon of ARENACLEAR™?
One gallon should cover approximately 10,000 sq. ft or an 80’ x 125” arena.
What if my horses or other animals should eat the dirt where ARENACLEAR™ has been sprayed?
It is totally safe and non-toxic. It is an agricultural mineral used for farms and growing crops.
Is ARENACLEAR™ sticky?
No, it penetrates into the soil.
Should I wet my arena prior to applying ARENACLEAR™?
We recommend having your arena dry prior to applying ARENACLEAR™, since you are going to be putting water on while applying ARENACLEAR™ and after initial application.
Can I groom my arena after applying ARENACLEAR™?
Yes, it won’t hurt the ARENACLEAR™ . In fact, it may help speed up the process of the ARENACLEAR™ and the changes it will make on the arena footing.
Can we use the arena after applying ARENACLEAR™?
ARENACLEAR™ is environmentally and ecologically safe. You may use your arena the very day you apply it. It is safe to ride on and, in fact, the product has been an approved agricultural mineral in the State of California since 1971. This means it is being used in farming right now.
When I apply ARENACLEAR™ the first time and two days later we get rain all day will the product be washed away?
Well, that is hard to say, but most likely the product will be pushed deep into the ground and this will mean that the top layer will not have been treated with ARENACLEAR™. It would probably be better to wait until there is at least 5-7 days when you won’t have any rain. This will give ARENACLEAR™ a chance to work on the soil and prepare it for water.
Will ARENACLEAR™ work on my outdoor arena that is very dusty in the summer, but we get lots of rain during the wet season? Will it wash ARENACLEAR™ away?
ARENACLEAR™ treats the soil so it will allow water to be retained in the soil, which means you won’t have to water as much. However, during the wet season, it also allows the water to permeate deep into the ground (up to 40”) so you don’t have a mud bog. When ARENACLEAR™ is used outdoors, we recommend at least 2 applications the first year and then 1 application the 2nd year. This should make your arena dust free and also give you a better riding condition.
Once I have applied ARENACLEAR™ how often will I have to water my arena?
ARENACLEAR™ does not eliminate the need for watering, what it does is change the soil/sand so it will retain up to 300% more moisture. This means it holds the water deeper down, taking longer for the water to evaporate. Because of this, your watering is reduced by up to 50%. However, you will still need to water as needed, it just won’t be as often and as much as before ARENACLEAR™.
How does ARENACLEAR work?
It changes the structure of the soil so dust particles come together to form granules of soil. These granules of soil then hold the moisture inside, instead of having the water go around the outside of them. When this change occurs, it helps the soil retain up to 300% more moisture, which means you can reduce the amount of water you apply. It hold the moisture deeper into the soil and it doesn’t evaporate as quickly.
ARENACLEAR is non-toxic, environmentally & ecologically safe to use and has been used in the agricultural industry since 1959. It has been an approved agricultural mineral in the State of California since 1971. It actually helps grow bigger & better crops.
What if I don’t have a big spray tank to apply ARENACLEAR?
It is easy, you buy an Ortho lawn sprayer (hose end type) and put a quart of A/C into the container, set the dial on ½-1 oz. Per gal. Rate and begin spraying. The quart should cover approximately 2500 sq. ft.
Do I need to apply ARENACLEAR at the same rate as the initial application?
I would recommend it for the first year of applications, however, if you want to control the dust and reduce your costs, you could cut the rate in half and apply it more often during the 2nd and subsequent years.
Can ARENACLEAR be used in other areas besides arenas?
Yes, ARENACLEAR can be used on any type of soil/ground. It can be used on paddocks, barn stalls (helps control urine), walkways, etc. It can be used on any area that has a mud problem.
Can I quit watering my arena if I use ARENACLEAR?
No, you will need to water your arena, however, when you water you reatcivate the ARENACLEAR. When you notice dust coming up off the ground approximately 2 feet, it is time to water again. Once you have applied ARENACLEAR per the instructions, you should only need to water as needed, (that could be every 2nd or 3rd day, maybe longer).
Where can I find the application instructions for ARENACLEAR?
They are on the bottle or you can visit our Application page to learn more
How many times do I have to apply ARENACLEAR?
We recommend 1-2 times the first year for an Outdoor arena, then as needed. This is usually one time the 2nd year. For an Indoor arena we would recommend 1 application, the first year and then an annual application as needed.
The base of my arena is rock fines; it’s hard packed. Will this keep ARENACLEAR from doing its job?
Actually ARENACLEAR should work fine on the rock fines. It will help to keep the footing from becoming hard packed. It should also help with your dragging or loosening of your arena footing.
Will ARENACLEAR help to keep my footing from freezing and becoming rock solid?
Actually, ARENACLEAR helps keep the ground from freezing as quickly as it would under normal conditions. You will probably find that you don’t need to apply water or as much as you think you would in order to keep the dust under control during the winter months.
I have put Calcium Chloride on my arena, will ARENACLEAR affect it?
ARENACLEAR was developed to take out the salts in farm land and to bring back the natural state of the ground. It will have some affect on the Calcium Chloride. It might even make it work better without having to apply another layer of Calcium Chloride to your arena footing.
Will ARENACLEAR work on sawdust/soil footing?
ARENACLEAR is primarily for use on soils, however, with sawdust mixed into the soil/sand it should have some effect on the control of dust. It does help with the fine powder that develops with horses pounding on the arena footing.
I have a sand & rubber mixed arena footing, will ARENACLEAR work on this type of footing?
ARENACLEAR will work on the soil part of the footing, however, it will not affect the rubber in the footing.
What is the best temperature or time to apply ARENACLEAR?
It is best to apply ARENACLEAR when the ground temperature is at least 50 degrees. Why? Because the micro-organisms in A/C slow down when the ground temp is below 50 degrees.
Will ARENACLEAR keep my vegetation down in my round pen?
ARENACLEAR will control vegetation, however, if water gets on it within a few days you are going to have some healthy vegetation, rather than no vegetation. It is not meant to be a vegetation controller.
How will ARENACLEAR affect my ground water and runoff?
One of the best things about ARENACLEAR is that it doesn’t allow chemicals to runoff into ground water. When you apply ARENACLEAR to your arena, urine or other chemicals you have put on those surfaces prior to ARENACLEAR will not leach into the ground water.
I live in a cold climate, what do I do about watering when the weather is below freezing?
ARENACLEAR changes the structure of the soil, so water goes inside the soil particles and holds the water. This means it takes longer for the soil to freeze and it also keeps the dust down. It doesn’t mean that the ground will not freeze at extremely cold temperatures, however, it will take longer for this happen. On the reverse side, the ground will also thaw out quicker.
Do I need to drag it after the application process?
No, you don’t, however, if you choose to drag your arena, it won’t hurt the product. It actually may also help with the process, as it gets the product on more soil, allowing for quicker changes in the soil. I recommend not dragging the arena until the application process is completed.

Reduces water usage

Reduce watering by as much as 50% once application has been completed

Works in all footings

Arenas, round pens, paddocks, dirt roads, sports and athletic fields

Costs 75% less

ARENACLEAR™ costs less than other dust suppressants and is easy to apply

Creates a healthy riding environment

ARENACLEAR™ is non-toxic, environmentally & ecologically safe to use and has been used in the agricultural industry since 1959