outdoor-riding-arenaARENACLEAR is an ecologically & environmentally safe soil conditioner. You should NOT harrow your arena until you have completed the application procedure, if you do, you will see dust when you ride, because you haven’t treated the entire riding footing withARENACLEAR.

Ambient GROUND temperature indoor or outdoor should be at least 50 degrees during application procedure *
(* An exception would be for those who wish to put it on just before winter and allow the snow to water it in.)


You can also use an Ortho-lawn sprayer (hose type) to apply ARENACLEAR.  Just fill container with A/C and set dial on 1 oz. per gallon mixture and spray arena footing.
Approximate coverage: 2,500  sq. ft.

One Gallon will treat up to 10,000 sq. ft.* *(see below for other dimensions)
Water is the carrier of  ARENACLEAR; allowing it to permeate deeply & control dust particles in the soil.
To receive maximum results, water over several days as follows:

1. Spray entire mixture evenly over arena or area. Immediately, water approx. 5 minutes, avoiding water runoff. Then allow top ½” of soil to DRY.
2. When top ½” of soil is dry, (usually next day) water again approx. 5 -10 minutes, avoiding water runoff.
3. Repeat step #2 each day for the next seven days.

Once application has been completed, you should be able to reduce your watering by as much as 50%. Water as needed during heavy use or prolonged arid conditions to re-saturate ARENACLEAR.  An easy way to know when to water again is when there is a low cloud of dust (2-3 feet) sitting in your arena, you will know it is time to water and re-activate ARENACLEAR.  The dust is like a balloon, when it has been treated with ARENACLEAR it makes the dust like a water balloon,holding more water in the ground and making it take longer to evaporate, which means longer between watering’s.


Take one gallon of ARENACLEAR & mix thoroughly with 200-300 gallons of water,
Fill tank ¼ full of water, add ARENACLEAR
Then, continue filling tank with water.
Approximate coverage 10,000 sq. ft

Recommended Outdoor Application:

1. 1-2 times first year (depending on Climate)
2. 1  time second year (depending on Climate
3. When untreated soil is added.

Indoor application recommended

1.  Once a year
2. When untreated soil is added.

Sizes: Amount needed:
50’ x 50’ (2,500 sq. ft) ¼ (.25) gal. A/C mixed with 50-75 gals of water
50’ x 100’ (5,000 sq. ft.) ½ (.50) gal A/C mixed with 100-150 gals of water
100’ x 100’ (10,000 sq. ft) 1 gal. A/C mixed with 200-300 gals of water
100’ x 150’ (15,000sq. ft) 1.5 gal. A/C mixed with 300 gals of water
100’ x 200’ (20,000sq. ft) 2 gals .A/C mixed with 400-600 gals of water
200’ x 200’ (40,000sq. ft) 4 gals A/C mixed with 800-1000 gals of water

Other: Determine size & amount listed above of ARENACLEAR & water.  Mix thoroughly.
Then follow steps #1 & 2 using the wet/dry procedure as directed above.




$269.95  Per Gallon