A Customer

We just purchased your product a few weeks ago at Congress and we could not be happier with the results! My daughter and her horse could not be happier!


Hi John, received the order this morning. I have been using
ARENACLEAR™ in my indoor arena for nearly one year and am very pleased with
this product. It is very easy to apply, has resulted in a significant
decrease watering, minimal dust and provides good winter footing in our
freezing climate. Thank you for your product.


Arenaclear™ works so well! I noticed a huge difference in my arena and my arena is tricky! My indoor arena is also the middle of my barn so new materials are constantly being added to the footing from normal everyday barn traffic plus riding. Plus it is open so wind sometimes does blow through. John talked me through how to apply it and how often and I don’t have any trouble anymore! Unfortunately with my situation I have to apply it more than what is usual, but it is so worth it!

Paula Booth

I must say customer service is above and beyond.  Will update on how ARENACLEAR™ works in my very dusty covered arena.  Again great customer service.

Emee Ermel – September 2018

This is magic in a bottle.  I do not know how it does this, but it keeps the dust and footing so well during the hot summer and it also improves the drainage during the rainy season.  We just went through Hurricane Harvey and had over 50″ of rain, but the outdoor arena was rideable the next day!  Absolutely Amazing!  Wonderful product, so glad we found it!!

Chava Lee

I want to take a moment to thank you for a superior product and excellent customer service. I live in Alaska and my horse is stabled in a barn with 25 other horses all who have stalls surrounding an indoor arena. The arena can get so dusty that you can not see the other side. That is until we used ArenaClear™ on it. It is amazing at keeping down the dust. And of course that is so much better for the horses and the riders health. It is easy to use and is amazingly long lasting. Additionally you have provided excellent support by answering questions and providing suggestions. So, thank you again for your product and for being such a great resource. I highly recommend this product.

Roy K.

Last year, we used ARENACLEAR™ for our exposition center during the annual Pork Festival. We have been troubled in the years past by dust from the floor. Vendors had complained and some refused to return if we did not find a way to eliminate the dust. Finding ARENACLEAR™ proved to be the solution to our problems. We could not be more satisfied with the results. Our vendors were delighted and grateful.


I’ve been very pleased with the product so far. I could see results instantly. After the application, no more footprints, Dust is much less. When I got home from Equine Affaire I read the brochure in its entirety and realized that I had many more uses around my barn where water doesn’t drain and I have muddy areas.


ArenaClear™-well worth the investment! ArenaClear™ was recommended to me by my veterinarian who saw my husband watering our large, dusty arena. We have a large horse boarding facility with about 50 horses, and our indoor arena is used daily. Keeping the dust down was a weekly time consuming chore. I really thought I was at a point I needed to just replace all the footing in the arena because the footing just wasn’t holding the moisture.

I decided to give ArenaClear™ a try and what a difference it made! It changed the texture of the footing so it now holds the moisture. It has cut my watering time in half. I don’t have to water as often, and when I do, it doesn’t take as long to get the job done.

It is important to take the time to follow the directions and take the time to do the initial application as directed so it gets into the soil. I was concerned it may be complicated, but with the Ortho Sprayer, it was no more difficult than watering my lawn.

I am so impressed, I plan to purchase ArenaClear™ for a second application this year, as it is recommended two applications the first year then after that one application a year. ArenaClear™ has solved our dusty arena problem and given me much needed time to devote to other projects! Thank you!


I treated my arena with arenaclear™ a month ago and am very pleased with the results. I used to water my arena every 2 or 3 days and now I can easily go over a week between watering. The dust stays down even if the arena looks dry. It has saved me lots of time!


I want to let you know how much I like Arenaclear™. We built a new arena (65 x 120) in 2012. We put in 5 inches of sand and of course it was very dusty without constant watering. We tried some products to keep the dust down, but they did not work very well. Then we discovered Arenaclear™ at Quarter Horse Congress. We were skeptical at first. We have now used Arenaclear™ for 3 years and applied it according to the instructions. Each year the arena dust has declined with less watering on our part. We especially appreciate this benefit in the winter since we live in a cold climate and less water in the arena means less freezing. All of the claims that you make about Arenaclear™ are absolutely true. I would and do highly recommend this product to other horse enthusiasts.

Steve & Marcia

We received our order about ten days ago.  It was ordered to help control dust in our closed, but cross-ventilated run-in shed.  Application was made in the prescribed manner and followup watering of the product was done also. We are quite pleased with the change in the character of the footing and the level of dust suppression (dust rising to a level of 6″ is far superior to the proverbial ‘cloud of dust’!).


I first put ArenaClear™ on in October 2015. I was skeptical as we had tried many different products in the past and none of them worked. The only sure way to cure your dust problem, I thought, was by constant watering. We tried ArenaClear™ and wow what a difference it made. This is February and we still are dust free.