Be known for something

John & Teri Clark, speak from experience with over 25 years in the equine industry:

Introduced these innovative products to the Equine Industry:

  • Stall Dry, an amendment for ammonia odor & bedding absorption.
  • Red Lake Earth, a feed-grade diatomaceous earth for the animal feed industry, that binds mycotoxins.
  • ARENACLEAR™, a DUST game changer for riders & horses.  It creates a healthy environment for both.

Teri is an accomplished author in her field, with 3 International & National publications.

Importantly, John & Teri are committed to offer safe, environmentally friendly products for people & horses, that improves their performance, their health & air pollution.

The #1 concern for horse owners is DUST!!!

Dust is big problem for horse owners. Dust is the leading cause of respiratory illnesses in riders, trainers, and horses. One reason, most people don’t use a dust control product, is the expense of the products, as well as the time and labor in applying them. So, they just keep watering their arenas or they don’t do anything for their dust problem. We have solved these problems with ARENACLEAR™.


  • One gallon of ARENACLEAR™ will treat up to 10,000 sq. ft., to a depth of 3-4”.
  • It will reduce your watering needs by as much as 50% or more.
  • Costs less than 3 cents per sq. ft., which is considerably less than other products on the market.
  • Is Environmentally and Ecologically safe to use, it has been an approved Ag. Mineral in the State of California since 1971 and is a non-toxic alternative to petroleum products.
  • Lasts longer and provides a great riding surface for all disciplines.
  • Helps manage & control DUST creating a healthier riding arena for you, your horses and your trainers/riders from airborne pollutants (mold, dust, etc.), which cause respiratory diseases.
  • Works on all types of surfaces, sand, sand/clay, dirt or sand/fiber footings, arenas, paddocks, dirt roads, athletic fields and many more types of applications.
  • Works on both indoor and outdoor arenas, will not wash away.