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About Us


TRC & Associates, Inc. has worked in the Equine & Agricultural industries since 1997. They introduced Stall Dry into the USA & built a nationwide distribution network for the moisture & ammonia control product, improving the health of animals & humans alike.

While attending national & regional equine events, a repetitive theme prevailed; participants, trainers, instructors, and students shared their concerns with John & Teri about the effects of dust for themselves & their horses, and with good reason.

No one is immune. Fugitive dust is the leading cause of respiratory illnesses, with a comprehensive list of acronyms of zoonotic diseases & viruses that arena dust can carry into the lungs of horses & participants.

Clean oxygen is the lifeblood of cells in animals & humans bodies; without sufficient clear & clean oxygen, both equine & riders’ performances & their results suffer.

Horses are often tasked with providing their best performance or skill & need an abundance of clean oxygen to achieve them; humans do, too.

*We welcome you to visit our website’s collection of Scholastic Studies for links to read for yourself.


About the owners

John M. Clark- The Backbone of the Company

John got his start in the animal health & wellness industry in the 1990’s while introducing Stall DRY an ammonia & wetness control for stalls, dairy barns, large poultry growers & egg layers & building a nationwide distribution system for it. When he discovered the dust-controlling properties of a soil conditioner, he perfected the formula to be safe for humans, animals & aquatic life & developed ARENACLEAR™ arena dust control, which became his full-time job. John takes pride in helping humans & animals live healthier lives. After a massive success with a California apartment complex, obtaining 18 inches of percolation in days to receive approval & permits to pour concrete with his new product PastureDRY™, he now spends time consulting with clients & building his MUD & standing water division.

Teri Coss-Clark- To Teri, “DUST is Personal.”

To Teri, dust is very personal. After she suffered a severe reaction while participating in a hot, dry outdoor event, she woke up receiving oxygen in an emergency room and was diagnosed with Asthma & COPD. Teri was reluctant to give up her love of horses & spent much of her life researching scholastic & medical studies on microfiche & then computers for a remedy when she discovered horses also suffered unhealthy dust effects & respiratory illnesses. Her research led to her career as a Presenter at Equine Affaire & an internationally published author with several articles printed by Equine Wellness Magazine.

For your enjoyment, please follow the links below to read them.

Teri Clark Author-Natural dust control for horse caretakers | Equine Wellness Magazine 

This one is personal; Teri has Asthma & COPD.

Teri Clark Author-Ammonia in Your Barn – What You Need to Know | Equine Wellness Magazine

As the former National Representative for Stall DRY, she has had too much experience with ammonia.


WHAT IS ARENACLEAR™ arena dust control?


ARENACLEAR™ is a complete dust control. 

FIRST: ARENACLEAR™ is a hydrophilic natural soil conditioner when applied to an arena or paddock surfaces (per the instructions) will permeate the soil/footings & increase absorption of water. It also allows the soil/footing to retain up to 300% more moisture.

Second: ARENACLEAR™ holds water deeper & longer, reducing the amount of water needed to keep a healthier riding surface & environment.

Third: It combines & bonds dust particles & fines to create larger particles that defy gravity & holds more water. The heavier the particle laden with water the stronger the gravitational pull holds them down.


  • One gallon of ARENACLEAR™ will treat up to 10,000 sq. ft. of surface to a depth of 3-4 inches.
  • Is Environmentally and Ecologically safe to use, it has been an approved Ag. Mineral in the State of California since 1971.
  • It is safe, non-toxic product safe for dogs, horses, hooves, paws & grandkids too!
  • The water laden particles create cushion & rebound, providing a footing your horses feel confident in to give their best performance
  • It will reduce your watering needs by as much as 50%, last at least a year & save time & labor
  • It holds down dust & helps protect your horse and your trainers/riders from airborne pollutants (mold, viruses, diseases, dust, etc.), which cause respiratory illnesses & diseases.
  • Costs less than 3 cents per sq. ft. considerably less than other products on the market.
  • Safe to use on all surfaces, sand, sand/clay, dirt or sand/fiber footings, arenas, paddocks, dirt roads, athletic fields & ATV poker runs.
  • NON-corrosive unlike magnesium chloride & calcium chloride (see links under studies)

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