ARENACLEAR™ not only eliminates the dust or mud, but it also reduces the amount of water needed to perform this reduction.

One Gallon Treats Up To
10,000 Square Feet


Not only eliminates the dust or mud, but it also reduces the amount of water needed to perform this reduction.


Horse Arena and Road Dust Control

Dust Control Product

ARENACLEAR™ makes your arena a healthier place for you and your horse.

Protect the health of both you and your horse as you ride! Getting dust in you or your horses lungs can cause certain health risks that you can avoid.

ARENACLEAR can limit these risks by reducing your exposure to dust particles.

Client’s Testimonials


“I want to let you know how much I like Arenaclear. We built a new arena (65 x 120) in 2012. We put in 5 inches of sand and of course it was very dusty without constant watering. We tried some products to keep the dust down, but they did not work very well. Then we discovered Arenaclear at Quarter Horse Congress. We were skeptical at first.”

Cheryl – Novelty, OH Read More »

“I treated my arena with arena clear a month ago and am very pleased with the results. I used to water my arena every 2 or 3 days and now I can easily go over a week between waterings. The dust stays down even if the arena looks dry. It has saved me lots of time!”

Allison – Muncie, IN Read More »

“ArenaClear-well worth the investment! ArenaClear was recommended to me by my veterinarian who saw my husband watering our large, dusty arena. We have a large horse boarding facility with about 50 horses, and our indoor arena is used daily. Keeping the dust down was a weekly time consuming chore.”

Bev – Germantown, OH Read More »

“I’ve been very pleased with the product so far. I could see results instantly. After the application, no more footprints, Dust is much less. When I got home from Equine Affaire I read the brochure in its entirety and realized that I had many more uses around my barn where water doesn’t drain and I have muddy areas.”

Mary Read More »


  • Reduces water usage

    Reduces water usage-

    Reduce watering by as much as 50% once application has been completed
  • Works in all soils

    Works in all soils-

    Arenas, round pens, paddocks, dirt roads, sports and athletic fields
  • Costs 75% less

    Costs 75% less-

    ARENACLEAR costs less than other dust suppressants and is easy to apply
  • Creates a healthy riding environment

    Creates a healthy riding environment-

    ARENACLEAR is non-toxic, environmentally & ecologically safe to use and has been used in the agricultural industry since 1959



TRC & Associates, Inc. has been working in the Equine & Agricultural industries for over 19 years. We have sold many great products during that time, however, when we developed ARENACLEAR®, we knew we had a product that would change how people and horses handled dust & mud in their riding venues.


Arena Dust and Mud Control

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