ARENACLEAR™ not only eliminates the dust, but it also reduces the amount of water needed to perform this reduction.

One Gallon Treats Up To
10,000 Square Feet


Eliminates dust, it also reduces the amount of water needed by 50-70% to perform this reduction.


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Horse Arena Dust Control

Dust Control Product

ARENACLEAR™ is a ‘complete’ arena dust control for OUTDOOR & INDOOR USE.

First: ARENACLEAR™ is a concentrated liquid, hydrophilic natural soil conditioner when applied to arena or paddock surfaces (per the instructions) will permeate the soil/footings & increase absorption of water. It also allows the soil to retain up to 300% more moisture & controls dust.
Second: ARENACLEAR™ holds water deeper & longer, reducing the amount of water needed to keep a healthier riding surface & environment.
Third: It combines & bonds dust particles & fines to create larger particles that defy gravity & holds more water. The heavier the particles laden with water the stronger the gravitational pull holding them down.
Fourth: The water laden particles in the footing create cushion & rebound that your horses will love. It drinks, it bonds, it holds moisture, it cushions & rebounds !

• One gallon of ARENACLEAR™ will treat a 10,000 sq. ft. arena to a 3–4-inch depth.
• It is Environmentally and Ecologically safe to use; it has been an approved Agricultural Mineral in California since 1971.
• It is a safe, non-toxic product safe for: dogs, horses, paws, hooves & grandkids too!
• Creates a surface with both cushion & rebound, providing a great riding surface that horses love, feel confident in, and give their best performance.
• It will reduce your watering needs by 50% or more, saving time & labor.
• It controls dust by improving the water retention in your footing deeply & longer.
• It continues to improve your arena and paddock footing with each application & watering.
• It holds down dust and helps protect your horse, trainers/riders from free crystalline silica & airborne pollutants (mold, dust, diseases & viruses), which cause respiratory illnesses & diseases.
• It costs less than 3 cents per sq. ft., considerably less than other products.
• Safe to use with all types of surfaces, sand, sand/clay, dirt or sand/fiber footings, arenas, paddocks, dirt roads, athletic fields & ATV poker run trails.
• It is NON-corrosive, unlike mag flakes or calcium chloride (see links under studies)

Price: $299.95 | Ships through FedEx

Client’s Testimonials

Client’s Testimonials

Reduces Water Usage

Reduce watering by as much as 50% once the application has been completed

Works on all types of footings

Sand, sand/clay, dirt, etc.

Costs 75% less

ARENACLEAR™ costs less than other dust suppressants and is easy to apply

Creates a healthy riding environment

ARENACLEAR™ is non-toxic, environmentally & ecologically safe to use and has been used in the agricultural industry since 1959



TRC & Associates, Inc. has been working in the Equine & Agricultural industries for over 19 years. We have sold many great products during that time, however, when we developed ARENACLEAR™, we knew we had a product that would change how people and horses handled dust in their riding venues.