Never Water Again

  • Won’t FREEZE, so you can put it down in the winter months.
  • Works on all types of footings and won’t wash away.
  • Use on indoor & outdoor arenas, round pens, roads, paddocks or any area that has a dust problem
  • Lasts 12-18 months (indoors and at least 12 months outdoors)
  • Easy to apply -any type of liquid applicator will work. NO WATER NEEDED.
  • Environmentally safe, Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous & Non-petroleum
  • We have a patented technology (GTL – Gas to Liquid) 100% synthetic.
  • Non-Slippery, Non-Dissipating, No curing, giving you immediate results.
  • Ride on it the day of application.
  • The more it is used the better footing and better the dust control.
  • Used by the Department of Defense for dust control, on roads, airfields, etc.

WFArenaClear Directions:

  • To apply WaterFREE ARENACLEAR™, all you need is any type of equipment that is capable of spraying water. WaterFREE ARENACLEAR™ will not damage this equipment or leave any mess.
  • Spray the product onto your arena surface at a rate of (I would recommend 30 SF/ gal.) 30 sq. ft per gallon. (example – 10,000 sq. ft. will require 330/gals of WaterFREE ARENACLEAR™
  • Apply and ride. There is no cure time for WaterFREE ARENACLEAR™ and DOES NOT NEED WATER to remain effective.
  • Initial application wil last at least 12 months, repeat applications can be applied at a rate of 100 sq. ft per gallon.
  • Each application of WaterFREE ARENACLEAR™ is cumulative and works deeper into the riding surface, thus giving you longer dust control and saving you time and money.

Ingredients: WaterFREE ARENACLEAR™ is a patented product, however, it is a non-petroleum, non-toxic product that is produced from NATURAL gas We use GTL (gas to liquid) technology. 100% synthetic

Reduces water usage

Reduce watering by as much as 50% once application has been completed

Works in all footings

Arenas, round pens, paddocks, dirt roads, sports and athletic fields

Costs 75% less

ARENACLEAR™ costs less than other dust suppressants and is easy to apply

Creates a healthy riding environment

ARENACLEAR™ is non-toxic, environmentally & ecologically safe to use and has been used in the agricultural industry since 1959