Testimonial From: Cheryl-each year the arena dust has declined with less water needed

I want to let you know how much I like Arenaclear. We built a new arena (65 x 120) in 2012. We put in 5 inches of sand and of course it was very dusty without constant watering. We tried some products to keep the dust down, but they did not work very well. Then we discovered Arenaclear at Quarter Horse Congress. We were skeptical at first. We have now used Arenaclear for 3 years and applied it according to the instructions. Each year the arena dust has declined with less watering on our part. We especially appreciate this benefit in the winter since we live in a cold climate and less water in the arena means less freezing. All of the claims that you make about Arenaclear are absolutely true. I would and do highly recommend this product to other horse enthusiasts.