Testimonial From: Luke Brock-our students stopped coughing up a lung.

The footing in our indoor arena was a big problem. We could have the footing decent, but the air quality was terrible or the footing was muddy and terrible, but the dust was cut down. After we applied ARENACLEAR™ I saw a huge difference in our footing. It allowed us to have a happy medium where my student and horses weren’t coughing up a lung and the footing was soft supportive. It drastically cut down on the time it took me to prep the arena. I was spending about half the time watering as I was before we had ARENACLEAR™. The biggest benefit to me was the increase in air quality. Before ARENACLEAR™ we would have to stop mid lesson to let the dust settle and sometimes take the horses outside so they could get some fresh air. After applying ARENACLEAR™ we never had a single problem with air quality. We were able to have more riders in the arena at one time and ride for longer because of the dust control ARENACLEAR™ provided us. I highly recommend ARENACLEAR™ as a solution for dust control, decreasing arena prep time, and increasing air quality.

—Luke Brock
Equestrian Coach Morehead State University