PastureDRY™ – Mud Eliminator

PastureDRY™ – Mud Eliminator

$329.95 per / Gallon | $99.95 per / Quart

$329.95 per / Gallon

$99.95 per / Quart

  • One gallon treats up to 4,000 sq. ft. depending on the depth of your mud.
  • One application usually takes care of the mud problem, by breaking up the barrier that is causing the water not to penetrate down.
  • Helps with erosion, by allowing the water to penetrate down, rather than run-off.
  • Works on all types of soils and there is no special equipment needed to use/apply.
  • PastureDRY™ can restore worn out soil and bring it back to a neutral pH on Alkaline or Acidic soil.
  • It will reduce the amount of fertilizer needed by up to 60%.
  • It is safe to use – can be used to rid the soils of contaminants such as oil, gas, chemicals from fertilizers, etc.
  • No heavy equipment needed.
  • No excavation required.
  • No digging, rototilling or other time, consuming labor.
  • No plastic or rubber grid systems, needed.
  • No additional materials needed, such as gravel, stone or sand.

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PastureDRY™ is the newest member of our safe & easy to use family of agricultural products developed to enhance and improve your land and the health of you & your animals.

With over 22 years in the equine industry, we learned a great deal about the concerns and issues that you and the equine industry faced. By talking with and listening to our customers, dealers and industry experts, as well as observing firsthand on their farms & ranches, we realized that the environment was the number one issue, then a safe, easy to use product that conquered the problems.

PastureDRY™ was originally developed to correct soils that had been contaminated by chemicals and made them unable to produce as they once did. PastureDRY™ not only is able to correct those problems, but it is also able to bring the soil back from an acidic or alkaline condition, to a neutral pH of 7. By doing this, you will be able to reduce your fertilizer needs by up to 60% and your watering can be reduced by 50-60%.


PastureDRY™ is a unique proprietary formula of agricultural minerals, that creates a physical change in the soil. It improves soil stability, along with creating better percolation. PastureDRY™ will allow deeper penetration and opens up the soil for fertilizers and other chemicals that have been locked up for years to be released into the soils.


PastureDRY™ can be used everywhere there is soil – It is especially good for muddy areas, as it will penetrate deep into the soil, creating a natural aeration of the soil, thus allowing the water to percolate deep down and letting the top of the soil dry out. In addition, it can be used on paddocks, dirt roads, in front of barns, gates (where horses come & go), polo fields, all sports fields (baseball, football, soccer), racetracks, and crop land (hay, alfalfa, etc.). If there is soil, PastureDRY™ can be used on it.


PastureDRY™ and the unique way it works, can be used on your muddy areas and once these areas have been treated, you won’t have to worry about mud again. If you contaminate your soil with chemicals and other types of products, you will have to treat your soil sometime in the future, one way to make sure your soil remains healthy is to use an organic fertilizer and also use PastureDRY™ on a regular basis (if you notice standing water). Reason – because of its ability to change the structure of the soil (clay/hardpan, etc.) it creates a natural aeration of the soil, which allows for better percolation, deeper penetration of water & nutrients and deeper root growth. All these benefits mean a healthier soil, with more stability and a better growing medium.


  • No heavy equipment needed.
  • No excavation at all needed.
  • No time-consuming digging, rototilling, etc. needed.
  • No special materials needed. No, gravel, sand, stone or other.
  • No plastic or rubber grid systems needed.

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For smaller areas (10 -15,000 sq. ft) a hose-end sprayer (found at any hardware store, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.) is the fastest and easiest method of applying the product.

For larger areas – A tank on the back of a gator or tractor can be used and for really large areas a water truck can be used (this is how the product has been used in the construction industry). We are always available to help you with what would be the best method of applying the product to get the best possible results.


PastureDRY™ is the least expensive method of taking care of your muddy problems on your land. Compared to all the other methods of handling these areas around your farm or ranch (lowest cost we found was $.80 a sq. ft. While PastureDRY™ is $.20 a sq. ft.