The Solution for any Mud Problem

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PastureDRY™ is the newest member of our safe & easy to use family of agricultural products developed to enhance and improve your land and the health of you & your animals.

With over 22 years in the equine industry, we learned a great deal about the concerns and issues that you and the equine industry faced. By talking with and listening to our customers, dealers and industry experts, as well as observing firsthand on their farms & ranches, we realized that the environment was the number one issue, then a safe, easy to use product that conquered the problems.

PastureDRY™ was originally developed to correct soils that had been contaminated by chemicals that made them unable to produce like they once did. PastureDRY™ not only is able to correct those problems, but it is also able to bring the soil back from an acidic or alkaline condition, to a neutral pH of 7.  By doing this, you will be able to reduce your fertilizer needs by up to 60% and your watering can be reduced by 50-60%.


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