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FAIRWAY-MAGIC – Water Savings & Fertilizer Reduction


  • WATER SAVINGS – Up to 50%, Courses can now be built or maintained where water usage was limited or restricted.
  • FERTILIZER – Reduce the use of fertilizers by as much as 60% and if you use an organic fertilizer, you extend the benefits of FAIRWAY-MAGIC.
  • PERCOLATION – FAIRWAY-MAGIC is a natural aerator, thereby, allowing water to penetrate into the soil by as much as 40 inches. No MORE aerating and having those little columns of dirt clods on the course.Water Savings Solution, Fertilizer Reduction
  • COMPACTION – Eliminates compacted areas and allows for new growth of turf.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE – Has been an approved Ag. Mineral in the State of California since 1971.
  • HELPS – to eliminate fungus & black layer problems.
  • AVOID – Costly green replacements, by making the greens have better soil conditions as well as drainage.
  • REACTION – Balls will react naturally and not roll off the green when a good shot hits them.
  • COST EFFECTIVE – One application of FAIRWAY-MAGIC will last at least 3-5 years or longer by using an organic fertilizer.
  • SOIL pH – Helps bring the soil pH back to a neutral state (either alkaline or acidic soils).
  • NEW CONSTRUCTION – FAIRWAY-MAGIC will also help break up clay or hardpan and make it easier to add new greens, tee boxes or a whole new course.

Please contact: TRC & Associates, Inc. or a representative for a detailed cost analysis for your course. See how much FAIRWAY-MAGIC can save you over the next 3-5 years. CONTACT INFO: (877) 562-8147 *

Reduces water usage

Reduce watering by as much as 50% once application has been completed

Works in all footings

Arenas, round pens, paddocks, dirt roads, sports and athletic fields

Costs 75% less

ARENACLEAR™ costs less than other dust suppressants and is easy to apply

Creates a healthy riding environment

ARENACLEAR™ is non-toxic, environmentally & ecologically safe to use and has been used in the agricultural industry since 1959